NYPD Cop Arrested For Lying About Finding A Gun To Obtain Illegal Search Warrant

An NYPD police officer was arrested on perjury charges for lying multiple times, even under oath, about seeing a handgun in a suspect’s apartment so he could illegally obtain a search warrant.

Joseph Moloney faces a 24-count indictment for providing several false stories on five separate occasions from May 2016 to April 2017, reported NY Daily News.

Even though he admitted his lies in the past, Moloney pleaded not guilty to the charges at the state Supreme Court in Brooklyn.

The apartment reportedly did contain a silver handgun, but it was never seen by Moloney, according to prosecutors.

“Our police officers are expected to be truthful and honest at all times because people’s fates and the integrity of the justice system depend on that. We allege that the officer in this case failed to do that and instead repeatedly gave false testimony under oath,” said Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez.

Moloney’s tall tales started becoming apparent at a pre-trial hearing in April 2017. At the hearing, the officer admitted to a judge that his sworn testimony was a “mistake on my part, being my first search warrant that I’d sworn out alone, and just a rookie mistake,” according to court records.

Moloney admitted to his lies during preparations for pre-trial hearings in July 2017.

“Such conduct diminishes public trust and is, in fact, criminal. We intend to now hold the defendant accountable,” said Gonzelez.

Because of the misconduct and unconstitutional deception of the officer, the suspect’s weapons charges were dismissed.

Moloney faces up to 4 years in prison and has been placed on modified duty.