No Jail Time For Cop Who Impregnated 15-Year-Old Girl

The New Jersey justice system has proven once again that police are above the law and will not go to jail for crimes that would land anyone else in prison.

Rafael Martinez Jr., 33, the former Camden County cop who fathered a child with a girl when she was just 15, accepted a plea deal for 5 years probation and no jail, reported

Martinez pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a child as part of his deal.

His victim gave birth in August 2017 and told a social worker at Cooper University Hospital in Camden that the officer was the child’s father, and it was confirmed with DNA testing.

Martinez claimed the girl told him that she was 18, so he was unaware that she was just 15.


“Saying the child told me she was 18, that is inexcusable and unacceptable for any person in our society, but especially for a law enforcement officer,” Deputy First Assistant Prosecutor Grace MacAula said.

Dan Rybeck said his client Martinez would like to be admitted to the County Supplemental Labor Service Program on weekends. He would report there on the weekends for assignments, which would typically be things like cleaning county parks or along roadways.

In sentencing Martinez, Judge Edward McBride said “his conduct is the result of circumstances that are unlikely to recur.”

Martinez had been suspended without pay until the end of the case, but he has been fired since the decision was finalized.