No Charges For MD Cop Who Used Gun To Smash Car Window And Accidentally Shot Unarmed Driver

A Maryland police officer will not face criminal charges after smashing a car window with his gun and accidentally shooting the unarmed driver.

However, officer Todd Archer remains under administrative investigation by the Montgomery Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division, reported The Washington Post.

Archer is on paid administrative leave during the investigation.

“Questions remain as to why a firearm was used to try to break the glass, and why the firearm discharged,” the Montgomery department said in a statement.

On Nov. 5, 2017, the Montgomery County police got a report of a car being rammed by an SUV at the Stoneymill Square shopping center, at Viers Mill and Randolph roads.

Officer Archer responded and apparently thought his gun was a hammer because he used it to smash the driver’s side window of the SUV. As he did that, he shot the unidentified driver, who was taken to the hospital with serious, but non life threatening injuries.

Chuck Drago, a national expert on police use of force, said that, in general, officers should not use guns to smash windows.

“A gun isn’t a tool for hitting or banging or ramming. It’s designed for one thing, to shoot a bullet,” he said.