No Charges Against Maricopa County Officers Caught On Video Tasing Injured Inmate Lying In A Pool Of His Own Blood

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office recently released disturbing video footage showing officers use a stun gun on an inmate while he laid in a pool of his own blood.

As we normally see in cases of excessive force by police, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office decided not to file criminal charges, but 2 of the abusers received internal discipline, reported AZ Central.

On December 30, 2016, the jail cops were supposed to move inmate Pedro Ramos to a different cell in the Fourth Avenue Jail in downtown Phoenix.

According to records, Ramos did not obey all the officers’ commands, and he physically resisted, so he was placed in a belly restraint before making it to his new cell.

Ramos entered the cell with his handcuffs and belly belt still secured, and asked officers to, “leave me alone and go away.”

Sgt. Ian Laborde then ordered officers to enter the cell and force Ramos to the trap door to remove the restraints. Ramos again yelled for officers to leave him alone, and asked for 20 minutes to calm down, records state.

The report states officers continued to try to force Ramos to the trap door, and he responded by hitting Officer Elian Griego in the face with his cuffed hands.

He was eventually forced to the front of the cell and his restraints were removed, but during the ordeal, something deeply cut his wrist “at or near his artery.”

The report says officers called the Phoenix Fire Department because Ramos was bleeding badly as he laid in his cell. The officers then tried to cuff him again as he was squirming in pain and bleeding all over the floor.

Laborde then came up with a ridiculous idea,  “They would open up the door and tase the inmate and pull him out.”

They executed the plan, then dragged Ramos out of the cell, leaving a trail of blood behind.

The officers then decided to tase Ramos a second time.

Ramos then was taken to the hospital and returned to jail after being treated.

One of the officers involved, Officer Christopher White, also filed a complaint about Sgt. Laborde, saying, “Sgt. Laborde’s actions were not tactical, nor professional, and caused numerous injuries to officers and the inmate involved.”

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office declined to pursue charges, citing “no reasonable likelihood of conviction.”

An internal investigation ended with a write up for Lane and an eight-hour suspension for Laborde.