No Charges For Louisville Cop Who “Accidentally” Shot Unarmed Homeless Man

A grand jury has decided that a Louisville police officer will not be held accountable for shooting an unarmed homeless man who was hiding behind a box spring inside an abandoned home last year.

The jurors decided not to charge Louisville Metro Police Officer Sarah Stumler on a count of second-degree assault after she shot Bruce Warrick,38, in the stomach, reported The Courier Journal.

Warrick was shot almost immediately after Stumler found him hiding on March 2, 2017 while searching a house at 26th and Magazine streets after a report of a man inside using drugs.

“Show your hands,” she yelled as she saw him hiding. Then she almost immediately fired, without giving him a chance to obey, and hit him in the stomach.

Most Louisville police shooting cases do not go to a grand jury, but Jefferson Commonwealth’s Attorney Tom Wine thought this one should.

“We felt that there were issues about training that the grand jury needed to hear and that there were issues concerning giving this individual an opportunity to respond,” he said.

Wine said that Stumler did not intentionally shoot the unarmed man.

“Her explanation was that she accidentally, in attempting to turn on the flashlight that’s mounted to the gun, actually pulled the trigger,” Wine said.

Warrick filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city and Stumler in February after requiring multiple surgeries.

“Today’s grand jury decision does not have any impact on the civil suit filed by Mr. Warrick,” said his attorney Adrian Mendiondo. “We will continue fighting for justice for Mr. Warrick and look forward to the bringing the facts of his case to light.”

Stumler remains on the force but has her police powers suspended and is not on patrol duty.

The police department said they will conduct an internal review to determine if Stumler broke any departmental policies or procedures.

Watch bodycam video of the incident below: