No Charges For FL Cop Seen Choking His Wife

A St. Lucie, Florida County Deputy has returned to regular duty after being accused by multiple witnesses of choking his wife while in Key West last year.

Deputy Stephen Casserly had been on paid administrative leave after he was arrested in Key West on domestic violence charges, reported WPTV.

However, according to an internal affairs report, there was allegedly no physical evidence Casserly assaulted his wife. There were only 3 witnesses that saw it happen.

Key West police were called to Fogarty’s on Duval Street on November 11th, after three people accused Casserly of grabbing his wife by the throat and slamming her head against a fence.

When officers arrived, they took statements from the three witnesses, but saw “no marks or broken fingernails…no broken buttons or torn clothing…and saw no marks or bruising.”

The report says the Key West officers spoke to Casserly’s wife, who said her husband did not do what the other 3 witnesses saw.

The Key West officers agreed there did not appear to be enough evidence to prove any claims of domestic violence, but Casserly was arrested.

A few weeks later, the state attorney’s office in Monroe County chose not to file charges against the St. Lucie County deputy.

Casserly did not like getting a taste of what cops do to people every day. He even needed counseling because he experienced what cops dish out.

“This is a huge crisis for us, alright,” Casserly is quoted in the report. “My wife is traumatized. I’m traumatized over this whole thing. We have gone to counseling just to deal with the crisis actually because we felt I was falsely arrested.”

The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office internal investigation found Casserly violated department policy for cursing during the incident in Key West. He was suspended one day for using profanity.