NJ Cop Charged After Assaulting Defenseless Handcuffed 13-year-old Girl

To this New Jersey police officer, it didn’t matter that his victim was a compliant 13-year-old girl in handcuffs, he attacked her anyway. Now, after being caught on body camera video, he has been suspended and faces assault charges for what he did.

Officer John Flinn, 27, was suspended from the Gloucester Township Police Department before the charges stemming from the March 8, incident were announced.

According to police, the girl was compliant with police orders and allowed herself to be handcuffed, but Flinn “struck her twice on the side of her face causing her to cry out in pain,” reported Fox 29.

On the video, the girl can be seen lying on her stomach with her hands behind when Flinn decides to hit her in the head. Even though she is not resisting, he also tells her to “stop resisting” and puts his knee on the girl’s head.

Watch the video below via Fox 29:

The girl was taken to a hospital for evaluation and faces no charges.

Gloucester Township Police Chief Harry Earle said Flinn was put on administrative leave during the investigation, and was suspended on March 15, reported the Courier Post.

The police chief said the department discovered this incident and took action before receiving complaints from civilians.

“Our community members should rest assured that this incident was uncovered internally through our own checks and balances system and was not the result of a civilian complaint,” Earle said in a letter to the community.