Nashville Cop Charged With Homicide After Fatally Shooting Man In The Back

A Nashville, Tennessee police officer has been charged with criminal homicide after he fatally shot a man in the back as he was running away.

Nashville Judge Michael F. Mondelli found there was probable cause to charge Officer Andrew Delke in the deadly shooting of Daniel Hambrick, reported Fox 17.

Surveillance video of the July 26 traffic stop showed Hambrick, 25, running away from Delke, who chased him for a moment, but then stopped and shot him 4 times.

After Hambrick was shot, he was handcuffed “and left there like a dog,” said Joy Kimbrough, an attorney representing the Hambrick family.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said Hambrick was stopped for driving erratically when he fled the vehicle.

Delke was put on administrative leave after the killing.

He was released on a $25,000 bond after turning himself in Thursday.

A magistrate judge initially ruled Thursday morning that there wasn’t enough evidence to charge Delke, but judge Mondelli found probable cause and signed the arrest warrant.

Nashville Chief of Police Steve Anderson said the surveillance video was “disturbing,” but said he is confident Nashville Police Department officers do not discriminate based on skin color.