Mississippi Cop Strangled Unarmed African American Man To Death

There’s no doubt that people of all backgrounds have stories of injustice and abuse at the hands of the police. But when a Caucasian police officer in the Deep South is accused of strangling an unarmed African American to death, the immediate motive that occurs to many is racism.

That may not be inaccurate according sources close to the case. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation says they are looking into the murder of Jonathan Sanders.

Sanders, 39, died on evening after Officer Kevin Harrington allegedly choked him to death.

Sanders was taking his horse out for exercise, when the officer confronted him. Sanders had broken no law whatsoever.

Attorney Stewart Parrish explains that Officer Harrington pulled Sanders off his horse upon approach and literally strangled him do death.

The Guardian reports that Parrish’s claims are based on eye-witness testimonies, including family members who witnessed the murder.

Parrish claims that a flashlight was employed to choke him to death.

Stonewall Police Chief Michael Street says that this is incorrect, even though he admits that he did not witness the incident. He told the Guardian, “there was no flashlight used to choke anybody.”

Attorney C.J. Lawrence says that this incident is a straightforward a case of “an unarmed black man being killed as a result of a police officer.”

Eye-witnesses claim that Sanders dying words were: “Let me go, I can’t breathe!”

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(Article by M. David and Shante Wooten)