Mentally-ill Washington Woman Dies After Being ‘Chemically Restrained’

A mentally-ill woman from Olympia, Washington died in police custody after being “chemically restrained” while she was having a mental crisis.

Olympia Police Lt. Sam Costello says firefighters responded when Vaneesa L. Hopson, 35,  pulled a fire alarm at an apartment complex early Wednesday, reported The Olympian.

Police say she was apparently “suffering from mental illness and/or acute effects of substance abuse.”

After speaking with the woman, officers decided she needed to be taken in for a mental health evaluation, but the woman began fighting officers after she was handcuffed.

Officers pinned her to the ground as paramedics gave her some sort of “chemical restraint.”

Shortly after being forcibly given drugs, she stopped breathing and medics were not able to revive her.

Costello said he didn’t know exactly what type of drugs she was forced to take.

The official cause of death is still under investigation.