Man Arrested After Warning He Is ‘Going Nick Cruz’ On Oregon State University

A man has been arrested for disorderly conduct by Oregon State Police after he used Tweeted threats to mass-murder people in a terrorist attack at Oregon State University.

Christopher Adam Strahan, 22, used the username @hardbellydorm to tweet the threats, including, “I’ll kill every single person in this facility you’re all DEAD,” reported KEZI.

Strahan sent other threats referencing Kip Kinkle of the 1998 Thurston school shooting, and the recent Florida school shooter, Nick Cruz.

This is not Strahan’s first time threatening to slaughter students at OSU. According to KOIN:

This arrest comes nearly a year after Strahan was convicted for a second-degree disorderly conduct charge that court documents say was based on the same act — or two acts connected together — as a menacing charge for “threatening to shoot and kill (a) person, or one or more other persons, located on Oregon State University property.” The menacing charge was dismissed in a plea deal, but court documents show it was connected to the disorderly conduct charge. He was sentenced to 2-year probation.

He was also ordered not to have contact with the university and not to have firearms as a result of the deal.

Strahan was arrested in Corvallis around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, and booked into the Benton County Jail for disorderly conduct. His bail is set at $12,500.

When Oregon State University officials became aware of the situation, they immediately cautioned students, staff and faculty, but the campus was never evacuated.

“We have to assume every matter is real and we’re taking it very seriously,” said university spokesperson Steve Clark.