Louisville Cop Suspended After Calling Black Teen “Nothing but a wild animal that needs put down”

According to documents just released by the Louisville Metro police officer, a now former officer was suspended for 30 days earlier this year after calling a black woman, “Nothing but a wild animal that needs put down.” The department said his actions violated the department’s social media policy, according to WDRB.

Officer Brian Smith, who resigned in April, showed his prejudice against not only a race, but also a religion with another social media post. He wrote that someone should take a microphone from Madonna and “beat her half to death with it” for studying the Koran. “That’s a lesson in Muslin (sic) behavior for her.”

An internal investigation began after a December 2016 complaint to police that Smith had, “deep-seated bias against minority communities.”

After the investigation, which took over a year, Chief Steve Conrad initially planned to fire Smith for 3 Facebook posts that “advocate violence against others” and “fostered mistrust of the police,” but decided a 30 day suspension without pay was an appropriate punishment.

That was longer than the 25-day suspension he received in 2009 for sending “inappropriate text messages” to his ex-girlfriend’s daughter, who was a minor.

The documents were only recently made available to the public after local public radio station WFPL won an Attorney General’s opinion earlier this month ordering police to release the material.

A post that was noted in the initial complaint against Smith read, “Ok. … If you wear a hat, square it up on ur head and put a bend in the bill, and pull ur pants up. You really make me want to hit u as hard as i can in the face just to see if I can fold ur teeth inside ur mouth. I’m not saying id do it, for that would be illegal, immoral, and wrong, not to mention (and most important) could get me in trouble. That is all.”

The complaint went on to mention another post from Smith calling a black girl an animal that needs to be killed. He linked to an article about a teen girl who “sucker punched” another girl.

“ANIMAL! Nothing but a wild animal that needs put down. There I said it,” Smith wrote.

In a January 16 letter to Smith, Chief Conrad wrote, “I believe your posts can be construed by some to express ridicule, bias, disrespect or prejudice against members of our community.”