Louisiana Cop Recorded Saying No Need For Probable Cause To Search Car Because She Will Say Anything Found Was “In Plain View”

A Baton Rouge, Louisiana police officer is under investigation after being caught on body camera saying she will gladly ignore people’s 4th amendment rights that protect citizens from illegal searches. She went on to say that she would lie about any items found and say they were in plain view, so her constitutional violations would remain a secret.

In the video footage, at least 2 other officers at the scene appeared to be uncomfortable with what the officer was saying and told her they needed “p-c” or probable cause to search the vehicle, reported WBRZ.

The culprit in the video is Officer Robin Ducote.  Police said the incident is under investigation, but she is still patrolling the same streets where gladly violated her oath as a police officer.

In the video, Ducote’s body camera recorded her saying, “I want to get her out of this truck, and let’s search the truck.”

An officer not comfortable with breaking the law (or at least is not comfortable with possibly being caught breaking the law) asks, “Do you have p-c?”

“Yeah, they are both f****** passed out,” Ducote responds. “So, if we find something, we say it’s in plain view. Who gives a s***, we’re writing this report.”

When another officer objected to Ducote at the scene of her crime, she suggested she would lie on her report.

“I’m just trying to cover our a**,” another officer said to Ducote.

“Oh, the report will,” Ducote responded.

WBRZ interviewed Ducote in 2014, when she graduated from the police academy, and noted how drastically she seems to have changed based on her own statements:

“I don’t like feeling like people are being wronged,” Ducote said at the time. “I like to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves and defend those who can’t defend themselves. That’s always been me, since I was little.”

Defense Lawyer Jarret Ambeau was appalled by the video and does not believe she is fit to be a police officer.

“I can’t think a person willing to make these kinds of decisions should have a badge and be on the streets of Louisiana and dealing with our citizens on a regular basis,” Ambeau said.


“The shame of this, really, is she undermines the credibility of good officers and good people who are protecting the public,” Ambeau said. “Now we have to question how many of those are doing this.”