Lawsuit: Man Beaten And Arrested After Yelling “Do your f***ing job!” At Miami Cops

A Miami, Florida police officer is facing a lawsuit after allegedly beating and arresting a man who yelled at him.

Jose Farquaharson, 42, was in Overtown in 2015 when a car went speeding past him. He says he then yelled at 2 Miami Police officers across the road: “Do your fucking job and stop the cars from speeding!”

According to Miami New Times, Farquaharson says officer Luis Arcia, ran across the street and yelled back at him “kiss my ass!” Arcia then grabbed Farquaharson by the wrist, threw him to the ground, and cuffed one of his hands. Farquaharson says Arcia then punched him several times in the face, beating him bad enough that he had to go to the hospital.

After being beaten, Farquaharson was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, but the charges were dropped the next day.

Three years later, Farquaharson has decided to sue the abusive officer for false arrest and excessive force.

Farquaharson did file a complaint with MPD’s internal affairs after he was attacked. Although he was obviously beaten and several witnesses came forward saying they saw the officer beating him, IA said the allegations were “unsupported.”

The Civilian Investigative Panel, an independent police-oversight board, looked into the case and found the witnesses’ statements disturbing. However, they were unable to substantiate the complaint because witnesses could no longer be reached.

The New Times reported that as of 2016, Arcia had received 4 citizen complaints, 7 use-of-force incidents on record, and had to be relieved of duty 1 time.

Farquaharson’s attorney, Roderick Vereen says what the officer did to Farquaharson is symptomatic of how Miami cops treat Overtown residents.

“There’s an atmosphere out there [from officers] that you may win in the courthouse, but you’re gonna lose in the streets,” he says. “Some people think that uniform gives them permission to do whatever they want… This was uncalled for.”