Kidnapped 15-Year-Old Found After Being Abducted by Police Officer

A 15-year-old girl who had been missing from Turlock, Nevada has been found in Las Vegas. Police say that her abductor was one of their own: a police officer.

Officer Daniel Boon Morgan is a police officer from Oklahoma, police said.

Alexis Odisho left with Officer Morgan under coercion, falling under state rape laws.

Because the abductor, Officer Morgan, is a police officer, local media treated the situation with kid gloves.

Some of the phrasing in local reports emphasized that she went “willingly” with the officer – a designation that is legally meaningless in this case, and questionable at best.

The Turlock Police Department did tell us that Officer Morgan is more than twice the teen’s age, and that under state law she could not consent to sex with the officer.

(Article by Reagan Ali)