Kentucky Cop Was Supposed To Take Rape Victim Home – Instead, He Took Her To A Hotel And Raped Her

A Bullitt County, Kentucky police officer is being investigated after a rape victim says he took her to a hotel and raped her when the officer was supposed to be protecting her.

Officer John Nissen is under investigation for rape and was indicted for theft by deception, tampering with a witness and official misconduct, reported WLKY News.

“The complaint was from an alleged rape victim, and they were interviewing her,” Attorney Shelly Alvey said. “Nissen agreed to take her home, and the allegation is that when he left the police department, he actually drove her to the home of the alleged perpetrator.”

Nissen then decided to drive her to a hotel, where he raped her.

“We believe that, if a police officer commits a criminal act, that what in the end it will do is protect the ones that truly care about the profession,” Alvey said.

Alvey also notes that many cases will be brought into question because Nissen was in charge of the investigations.

“They are very serious cases, and they have very real victims. It is very unfortunate that this case has to be indicted because that directly impacts those cases.”

Nissen has been suspended during the investigation.