Kentucky Cop Chokes, Then Kicks Out Man For Speaking Out About Town’s Water Problems At Meeting

Martin County, Kentucky continues to have problems with tap water availability for their citizens.

The video below shows Gary Hunt, an upset customer, being choked, then escorted out of Wednesday night’s meeting of the Martin County Water District after he cussed at water officials.

Hunt is upset about dealing with continual water supply problems and had an opportunity to speak out.

Some of the county’s water was restored Thursday afternoon, but Hunt’s faucets still ran dry.

“You turn the water on, right here is what you get. No water,” he demonstrates.

He said the lack of water is a problem 5 or 6 times a month regardless of the weather or season, though it’s been problematic about half  of 2018.


He’s also upset the water company refused to fill his large tank this week, even if he paid for it.


Water District Business Manager Joe Hammond did not know why Hunt didn’t have water Thursday afternoon when most everyone else did, but he said they will look into it.


Hunt was not arrested Wednesday night, even though the video ends with the officer threatening to arrest him. However, he was cited for misdemeanor menacing.

Despite the fine he will face for speaking out, Hunt believes he did the right thing by standing up for his family.