Judge Drops Case Against UVM Student For ‘racist and threatening language’

On Tuesday, a Vermont judge threw out a case against 20-year-old University of Vermont student Wesley Richter. He was accused of using “explicitly racist and threatening language” to target African-American students.

Richter was reported to Burlington Police last year after he made the racist threats while on campus.

The exact threats made by Richter were not entirely clear because the university redacted the 80+ page report detailing the incident, reported The Burlington Free Press.

On Tuesday, a judge who was not identified in press reports claimed there was not enough evidence to move forward with the case.

Richter’s attorney Ben Luna claimed in court Richter had been on the phone with his mother when he was heard making the threats, which he said are protected by the First Amendment.

But prosecutor Ryan Richards argued that Richter’s racist threats are not protected free speech.

“The state at this point is paralleling yelling fire in a crowded movie theater which the United States Constitution is very clear in saying it’s not protected,” Richards explained.

In the end, the judge chose to reject the case and refused to release a police affidavit that would have detailed the alleged threats.

So now, another racist is free and empowered, knowing that he can make racist threats and will not be punished for his violent hate speech.