Judge Dismisses Charges Against Ray Tensing, Ex-Cop Who Shot and Killed An Unarmed Man

Former University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing shot and killed an unarmed black man, but he will walk free after the voluntary manslaughter and murder charges against him were formally dropped Monday.

Prior to the dismissal of the case, two other juries failed to come to a unanimous verdict on the murder and voluntary manslaughter charges that Tensing faced. The most recent trial ended in a hung jury late June after six days of testimony, one day of closing arguments and almost 30 hours of deliberations over a five-day period.

Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Leslie Ghiz dismissed the charges with prejudice, meaning that the criminal case has been dismissed permanently. Nonetheless, U.S. Attorney Ben Glassman said that his office is still looking into the case for possible civil rights violations, reported The Cincinnati Enquirer.

“My office will now undertake to acquire and review the evidence from the state court trials in order to assess whether there are possible federal civil rights offenses warranting investigation and potential prosecution,” Glassman said in a statement, although he gave no clue as to when that decision would be made.

Tensing’s attorney requested Monday for Ghiz to acquit the charges stemming from the 2015 shooting death of Sam Dubose, but Ghiz ended up dismissing the case and confirming that she would unseal certain documents in the case.

Previously, prosecutor Joe Deters had confirmed that discussions with “multiple jurors” after the first two mistrials caused him not to seek another trial.

“They have, to a person, said … that we will never get a conviction,” he said at a news conference last week.

Terina DuBose Allen, Sam DuBose’s sister and the family’s spokeswoman, said Monday the dismissal was “just disappointing. It’s further disappointing that the judge dismissed them with prejudice, so they can never be brought up again.

Despite the dismissal of the case, they remain hopeful there will be justice.

“We continue to believe the Department of Justice will intervene … and somewhere in this system we will have justice.”

(Article By James Carter)

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