Jackson County, MO Inmate Dies After Guards Put Him In Restraining Chair For Long Period

A man was locked in a restraining chair and was forgotten about, until he died.

It’s a loss that the family of Richard Degraffenreid, 35, wasn’t prepared for.

“He’s my only son, my first born,” Ruth Garrison, Degraffenreid’s mother told 41 Action News.

Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies booked him into the jail Thursday about 11 p.m.

His ex-wife told 41 Action news Degraffenreid was at the jail because he fled the scene of an accident on Tuesday while out on parole.

On Friday, the Jackson County Executive’s Office and Department of Corrections declined to do any on camera interviews.

The guards say he became combative, so they restrained him in a chair.

“They said he was unresponsive when they found him—the guards—and they gave him CPR until the ambulance got there and when the ambulance they transfer him to Truman,” Garrison said.

Hospital staff notified Garrison about what happened to her son.

“Telling me my son had been brought in by ambulance—they were—resuscitating him,” Garrison said.

The doctors at Truman Medical Center were unable to save him, and Degraffenreid died as jail guards watched.

“They were outside in the hallway when I finally got to go in at 3:30 this morning. That’s when his heart had stopped beating,” Garrison said.

The county said the restraint chair that was used met national accreditation standards. The same standards also require visual observation every 15 minutes.

The county won’t say how long Degraffenreid was restrained in the chair.

A source close to the investigation told FOX 4 the inmate was left locked up on a chair and he was forgotten about and he died.

Degraffenreid’s mother says her son didn’t have any known medical problems.

“He worked out, cutting grass every day. He was healthy as far as I know,” Garrison said.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is allegedly investigating the death.

(Article By James Carter)

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  1. They will miraculously find out that he had sickle cell anemia.

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