Iowa Cop Charged After Cutting Girlfriend’s Neck With A Knife And Threatening To Murder Her

An Oskaloosa police officer has been arrested and charged with 1st degree harassment and domestic abuse assault while displaying a dangerous weapon after attacking her girlfriend.

Officer Janay Pritchett, 25, was arrested May 4 after her girlfriend Karissa Smith says she kicked her in the chest, cut her on the side of the neck with a pocket knife, and threatened to shoot her, reported WHOTV.

Court documents say the argument took place after a verbal argument which escalated into an incident that “was physical with both parties pushing, grabbing, and wrestling.”

After kicking Smith in the chest, Pritchet pulled a pocket knife and cut her on the left side of the neck.

Pritchett then allegedly said she “didn’t do that” and put the knife away before telling her she was going to killer her.

Pritchett then ran to her closet, where she keeps a shotgun. Smith physically stopped her from retrieving her gun.

According to Oskaloosa News, the court document reads:

“On Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 at approximately 11:40 pm, the defendant did cut her girlfriend, Karissa Smith, on the left side of the neck with a small folding pocket knife. The Defendant and Smith were in a verbal argument over comments made by the Defendant’s mother and Smith. Both Smith and the Defendant stated Smith looked at the Defendants phone to see who the Defendant was talking to at that time. Smith stated the Defendant kicked her in the chest. Smith stated the Defendant pulled out a small grey pocket knife that Smith had bought the Defendant, and the Defendant put the knife to the left side of Smith’s neck. This caused a small cut on the left side of Smith’s neck. Smith stated the Defendant then stated she didn’t do that and put the knife away. Smith stated the Defendant told her she was going to kill Smith and ran to her closet where she keeps an unloaded shotgun. Smith stated she physically stopped her from getting the gun as Smith was scared for her life. Smith stated she also stopped the Defendant from leaving the residence because the Defendant had been drinking and Smith didn’t want her to drive. The Defendant left the residence with a friend that came to pick her up. Smith left the residence at that time and came to the Mahaska County Law Center to report what had happened. The Defendant stated she didn’t cut Smith and didn’t pull out a knife. The Defendant stated the incident was physical with both parties pushing, grabbing, and wrestling. The Defendant stated Smith wouldn’t let her leave the residence and took her phone from her. The Defendant stated she had an injury to her back from being pushed down and wanted Smith arrested also.”

​Pritchett is out of jail on bond and is on paid administrative leave. She is scheduled for her first court appearance on May 9.