Innocent Kentucky Man Says Cops Abuse Their Power, So Cop Assaults And Arrests Him

In Lebanon Junction, Kentucky, a man who was in the process of moving to Kansas was arrested after a police officer was offended by his accusation that police abuse their power, even after the officer told the man he was “free to go.”

The incident, involving officer Hedges, occurred after Avery Williams asked for his badge number and supervisor’s name. The officer did give it over, but things escalated quickly after Williams said the incident was going online to show the world how an officer pushed his weight around without probable cause.

“This is going to go online so people can see truth and consequences, how you guys push your weight around,” Williams says. the officer then threw Williams to the concrete, pulled his arms  behind his back, smashed his face into the ground, threatened to tase him, and handcuffed him without cause. Williams does not resist and asks why the officer is doing what he is doing.

Williams recently uploaded the video online to the Oath Accountability Project (OAP); showing officer Hedge abuse his police powers after being asked for his badge number and supervisor’s name.

The incident began after Williams attempted to redeem his lottery scratchy cash prize at a KY Pilot gas station. Williams stated the trouble began when the gas station attendant became abusive, refusing to grant the prize money and telling him to “f***ing go to the speedway.” Williams walked away from the irate employee.

According to Williams, he proceeded to the McDonald’s attached to Pilot to get drinks for himself and his female friend. After leaving McDonald’s, the Pilot attendant began “running her mouth” at him again. At this time, Williams took his phone out and told her that he was going to report her for misconduct, at which time she replied that she had a police officer inside that would back up her story.

After the arrest his female friend pleads with the officer to let her friend go. She tells the officer she is unlicensed, cannot drive the car, and doesn’t know anybody in Kentucky who can help her. It is late at night and she has nowhere to go.

The officer responds with a pathetic excuse of Williams being warned, not heeding the warning and suffering the consequences of arrest. Hedges never explains why Williams is being arrested and there is no probable cause shown for a legal arrest. It is simply a case of a police officer verifying what the man said, police abuse their power.

Williams was later released on only a $50 booking fee.

After the video was made public, many people urged Williams to take the matter further and sue the Kentucky police department for breach of civil rights.