Innocent Brooklyn Grandmother Held Hostage By NYPD In Her Apartment For 10 Hours

A Brooklyn grandmother learned the hard way not to let police into your home without a warrant. She says New York Police Department officers held her hostage in her apartment for 10 hours while they investigated her children.

Rolinda Walls, 54 year old resident of the Van Dyke Houses in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, said that shortly before midnight Oct. 21, officers with the NYPD came to her door looking for her 27-year-old daughter, reported the The New York Daily News.

“I told them she wasn’t there,” Walls said “They asked to come in, I said sure—because I have nothing to hide.”

The officers entered the apartment and began searching the apartment. Walls’ 14-year-old daughter was home, as well as her 10-year-old granddaughter, who was sleeping at the time.

When police searched the room where her 24-year-old son sleeps, Walls said they found a credit card duplicator and marijuana joints. She said that is when the police visit turned ugly.

“They told me if my son didn’t come home, they would arrest me. I tried to call my son, but he wouldn’t answer,” Walls said.

According to the Daily News, the police made themselves at home, treating the actual residents like prisoners, and they told Walls and her teenage daughter that they would not be allowed to sleep in their rooms.

“When I had to go to the bathroom, I had to ask to go to the bathroom. I had to ask permission to even go to my own kitchen to make coffee. I was held hostage in my own home by people who are supposed to protect and serve me. They came in and took over,” Walls said.

Walls called the 10 hour ordeal a home invasion, and she confronted New York Mayor Bill de Blasio about it at a town hall last week. She also contacted the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, and the group is calling for an immediate investigation into the incident.

Walls also said she intends to file a lawsuit and a complaint with NYPD’s Internal Affairs unit.

“I’ve been so sad,” Walls said. “All week I’ve tried to keep a happy face on, but it’s been hard.”

An NYPD spokesman said, “The matter is under internal review.”

(Article By James Carter)