Indictments Thrown Out Against 3 Georgia Cops Who Killed A Man For Asking For Water

Indictments have been thrown out against 3 Georgia police officers who killed a man to death because he asked someone for water after walking about 20 miles on a hot summer night.

Superior Court Senior Judge H. Gibbs Flanders in the Middle Judicial Circuit threw out the indictments against 3 former Washington County deputies, Michael Howell, Henry L. Copeland and Rhett Scott, charged in the death of  a 58-year-old black man, Euree Martin, who had asked for water from a stranger, reported The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The official reason for what the judge did it because there was not a certified court reporter taking down testimony during the proceeding.

The three killers were charged with felony murder, false imprisonment and aggravated assault in the killing of Martin last July.

Martin had schizophrenia and lived in a Milledgeville group home.

Martin had stopped to ask a stranger for some water after walking about 20 miles on a hot July night to see relatives in Sandersville.  That stranger decided to call the police and report the man as “suspicious.” Civil rights activists say police were called because he was “walking while black.”

The 3 deputies responded and ended up tasing the unarmed, innocent man, who ended up dead because of the police attack.