‘I’m going to change the law on this’: SC State Senator Speculates On Losing Job During DUI Arrest

A South Carolina state senator was caught on camera complaining about the possibility of losing his job while being arrested for driving under the influence and lying to officers.

Paul Campbell repeatedly insisted that he had not been driving when his car rear-ended another vehicle on Interstate 26, reported The Post and Courier.

“This may cost me my job. You know that, I guess,” Campbell told the officer as he was cuffed. “But that’s OK. Whatever it takes.”

In the video below, Campbell can also be heard telling the officer that, he was also the chief executive of the Charleston, S.C., airport.

“Of course, I may not be after this,” he continued.

The politician claimed his wife was driving when the accident occurred.

“This is not fun. This kinda sucks,” Campbell could be heard saying to himself as he sat alone in the patrol car. “I’m going to change the law on this. … I’m not DUI. I wasn’t driving the car anyway.”

Campbell, the chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee, and his wife, Vicki, were on their way home Saturday night when “traffic just kinda stopped,” according to Vicki Campbell.

Vicki Campbell said she almost managed to stop, “but didn’t quite.”

The woman who was rear-ended told officers that she saw the couple switch seats after the accident.

“Perhaps she was confused,” Vicki Campbell, who passed field sobriety tests, added.

“I jumped out of the car to make sure she was OK. That’s what it’s all about,” the senator told the trooper. “Sir, I wasn’t driving the car. … I’m sorry to put you through this.”

However, the driver of the other vehicle, 21-year-old Michaela Caddin insisted and “was absolutely adamant, positive he was driving,” one trooper could be heard telling the other. “I think we probably just need to go ahead and proceed him.”

Both the senator and his wife are facing charges of lying to officers.

The Post and Courier reported that state law requires legislators to be suspended if they’re indicted for a crime of “moral turpitude.” State Attorney General Alan Wilson has said he believes lying to officers is such a crime, but Campbell hasn’t been indicted on the charge.

Campbell’s blood-alcohol level was recorded at .09. The legal limit in South Carolina is .08.


(Article By James Carter)