Illinois School Hosts Creationists Who Taught Kids T-Rexes Ate Vegetables On Noah’s Ark

An Effingham grade school has given us a good reminder to always know what schools are teaching our kids, because they could be learning ridiculous lies.

Central Grade School upset a lot of parents for choosing to host a group of creationists that taught the kids that dinosaurs lived on Noah’s ark.

Last month’s Saturday morning event was supposed to be an educational event about dinosaurs, reported Raw Story.

Many parents became upset when they heard the hosts telling the kids their own personal belief on religious dogma rather than scientific facts.

“[They said] tyrannosaurus rexes ate vegetables,” parent Jeanette Bushur said. “[They said] there were dinosaurs with Noah on the ark and that evolution was a myth.”

The event was conducted by the Creation Truth Foundation, a nonprofit organization that rejects evolution and chooses to believe their own version of creationism.

Parents said the advertisement fliers did not mention the presentation would contain religious commentary and unscientific misinformation.

Effingham resident Brian Poelker wrote a letter to the Effingham Daily News, calling out the school not only for hosting the creationists’ event, but also for not giving students proper guidance about the difference between scientific fact and religious dogma.

“Our elementary school teachers have the difficult task of laying down the science foundation for our children,” he wrote. “Standards are in place to help these young students become scientifically literate as they progress through the grade levels. The school board and administration needs to provide the guidance and materials to help students, through their teachers, meet the requirements of the Illinois State Science Standards.”