Illinois Man Uses AR-15 To Stop Knife Attack By Neighbor

There have been a lot of people demonizing AR-15 rifles lately, saying they are for terrorism and not self-defense, even though those same people seem to support police carrying the rifles.

A man in Oswego, Illinois used his AR-15 rifle to save a life by stopping a knife attack during an argument on Monday.


Police say it started when someone with a knife attacked another person during an argument, reported WGNTV.

A neighbor, Dave Thomas, witnessed the attack and went home to get his rifle, then ordered the assailant to stop.

“I ran back into the home, into my house and grabbed my AR-15. Grabbed the AR-15 over my handgun. It’s just a bigger gun. I think a little bit more than an intimidation factor definitely played a part in him actually stopping.”

Thomas did not need to fire any shots to convince the man to stop the assault.

The suspect fled but police were able to quickly capture him.

The victim was take to a hospital and is expected to recover.

Thomas, who is also a a firearm instructor, has a valid firearm owner’s ID card, which is required in Illinois to own or carry a gun.

“The AR-15 is my weapon of choice for home protection,” Thomas said. “It’s light, it’s maneuverable. If you train and know how to use it properly, it’s not dangerous. And this is just a perfect example of good guy with an AR-15 stopped a bad guy with a knife. And there were no lives taken, so all in all it was a good day.”