Grand Jury: Ohio Deputy Used Reasonable Force When Fatally Shooting Unarmed Teen At Courthouse

A Franklin County, Ohio Grand Jury has decided a Deputy’s use of deadly force was “reasonable under the law” when he shot an unarmed 16-year-old boy at the Franklin County Courthouse.

Deputy Richard Scarborough will face no charges for fatally shooting Joseph Haynes outside a courtroom during an altercation after a juvenile hearing on January 17th, reported ABC 6.

According to authorities, Scarborough was called to the courtroom after Haynes and his mother became “very agitated and disruptive” after Haynes’ hearing, which didn’t go as he hoped.

Geraldine Haynes, Haynes’ grandmother, said she was only a few feet away when the struggle broke out,“They could have Tased him. He didn’t have to shoot him,” she said.

Geraldine Haynes said her grandson became upset when the deputy put his hands on Haynes’ mother. Karen Haynes, 41, was pushed up against a wall, Geraldine said, which prompted Joseph to shout at the deputy to “leave his mom alone, leave his mom alone.”

Joseph Haynes grabbed the deputy’s shoulder to protect his mom, Geraldine Haynes said. The deputy “let go of Karen and slung Joey on the ground,” she said.

At that point, she said, Joseph Haynes didn’t move and his hands were above his head.

“All of a sudden he pulled his gun and shot him,” Geraldine Haynes said of the deputy.

Haynes was taken to the hospital, where he died.