Golden State Killer: Ex-Cop Serial Killer, Rapist, Finally Arrested

The “Golden State Killer”, who allegedly raped approximately 45 women and murdered 12 people, has finally been captured and turned out to be an ex-cop.

Joseph James DeAngelo, 72-year-old ex-police officer, was arrested for 2 of the murders by police in Sacramento, reported NBC Washington.

Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced Wednesday that DNA evidence is how the killer was discovered.

“It is fitting that today is National DNA Day. We found the needle in the haystack and it was right here in Sacramento,” Schubert said.

DeAngelo was charged for the February 1978 murders of a Sacramento couple Brian and Katie Maggiore and is being held without bail.

In addition to the murders he was arrested for, DeAngelo also faces capital murder charges for killings in 1980 in Ventura County.

DeAngelo was an officer at the Auburn Police Department and was fired from the department in 1979 after he was arrested for stealing items from a drug store.

DeAngelo broke into homes while single females or couples were sleeping. According to NBC, he would even sometimes tie up the man and pile dishes on his back, then he raped the woman while threatening to murder them both if the dishes tumbled. His victims ranged in age from 13-41.

DNA remains were found at crime scenes, but officials weren’t able to match them until now.

According to the FBI,  the killer is responsible for about 45 rapes, 12 homicides, and multiple residential burglaries between 1976 and 1986 in San Francisco, Sacramento and Los Angeles areas.