Georgia Police Fatally Shot Father of 3 For Running

Anthony Marcell Green, 33, was described by Rev. Mack De’Von Knight as a well-known restaurant manager and a member of his church who was a very energetic family man that loved his children. Knight, and many others are outraged after Green, who was a father of 3, was shot and killed by a Kingsland police officer Wednesday night, reported News 4 Jax.

Green was not suspected of doing anything illegal. He was not even pulled over by the officer who was driving behind the vehicle. He simply stopped the vehicle and he and the passenger ran away.

According to the GBI, this killing was the state’s fourth officer-involved shooting in Georgia this week, with 2 others being deadly.

The GBI said an officer was following a vehicle that stopped at Lily Street and North East Street about 10:40 p.m. Wednesday night. The driver, Green, and an unknown passenger both ran from the stopped vehicle. The officer chased Green and caught up to him a couple blocks away. A brief altercation occurred at that point, and the officer fired 7 shots, killing Green. The passenger was not caught or shot and police still do not know the person’s identity.

The unnamed officer was wearing a body camera at the time, but no video has been released. The lack of video of what happened has caused even more concern for Green’s already troubled friends, family, and neighbors.

“They are perplexed and confused and really want answers. We are frustrated and we are not hearing anything,” Rev. Knight said. ”… We are coming there to pray for healing. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere, as Martin Luther King Jr. said, and I believe this has hit home.”

“We just want justice. We just want to know what happened, and why did the officer have to shoot him,” Green’s aunt, Juanetta Mack, said. “All he had to do was Tase him or let him go. He knew who he was.”

No one is sure why Green ran from the car, but running from a car is not a crime carrying an immediate death sentence.

Knight said he hopes the passenger in the car comes forward to help them find answers.

A rally was held for Green on Thursday night, with about 50 people attending. At the rally, Knight announced that a community meeting is planned for June 27 with the mayor and police chief to discuss the incident.

Kingsland police asked the GBI to handle the investigation, so they are not giving out any information.