Georgia High School Teacher On Leave After Threatening To Put A Bullet In Student’s Head

A Rockdale County, Georgia physics teacher was put on administrative leave after being caught on video seemingly threatening a student.

The student’s mother, April Carr, reported it to police and posted the video on Facebook, reported WSB-TV.

In the video captured by a classmate, Rockdale Career Academy teacher Paul Hagan can be heard telling Carr’s son, “You screw with me you’re going to be in big ass trouble. Don’t smile at me, man. That’s how people like you get shot. I got a bet. I bet by the time you’re 21, somebody’s gonna to put a bullet right through your head. OK? And it might be me, the one who does it.”

“I think it’s a terroristic threat on my son’s life that I definitely don’t take lightly,” Carr said. “I mean, I was outraged.”

Carr said she was notified by the principal until about a week after it happened, when the principal called to say someone used profanity with her son. Carr had to ask her son about it to find out what really happened.

She said that before Hagan blew up on students, her son and some other students were laughing while the teacher wrote an equation on the board.

According to the report, Hagan did apologize after the incident, but Carr is not satisfied with a simple apology after actions like that from a teacher.

“I want him fired and I want charges pressed against him,” Carr said.

The school and police are both investigating the incident.

Watch the video below:

(Article By James Carter)