Fort Lauderdale Cops Take Revenge On Woman Who Testified In Police Brutality Case

A Florida woman is suing the Fort Lauderdale Police Department after she was brutally beaten only 8 days after testifying against a cop who was caught on video assaulting a homeless man

Jessica Mooney was with her fiancé on February 22, 2015, when he recorded Officer Victor Ramirez striking a homeless man in the face, reported The Miami New Times.

Ramirez assaulted the man because he wanted to use the restroom. After punching the man and knocking him to the ground, Ramirez says, “You’re not going to go pee. You’re not supposed to pee here.” Ramirez then slaps the man as he sits on the ground. He chose to emit the assault from his report – aka falsifying a report.

Even though the video clearly shows the officer bullying and needlessly assaulting an unarmed man, Ramirez was acquitted of misdemeanor battery and falsifying records and only received a 20-day suspension.

Ramirez is no stranger to being an abusive bully. He has at least 10 other documented use-of-force incidents, with 8 of them occurring at Broward Central Terminal.

Watch video of the assault.

The officer’s victim, Bruce LeClair, was awarded $50,000 in a legal settlement over the assault.

Jessica Mooney testified in the criminal case against Officer Ramirez.

“All I did was try to help somebody,” Mooney told ABC 10 News after the beating. “I testified because I thought it was the right thing to do, because the cop was wrong.”

Only 8 days after testifying against the violent officer, Mooney was arrested and beaten by Fort Lauderdale police over a false claim she did not pay a $63.57 bill at the Quarterdeck Restaurant.

Officers took Mooney to the station, and that is where she was beaten by multiple cops. Mooney says Officer Amanda Moreno “smashed her face” into a fingerprinting machine, before 3 or 4 other officers kicked and punched her after she fell to the ground.

As usual, prosecutors chose not to charge any of the abusive officers that beat the innocent woman.

The innocent woman was held in the Broward County Jail for 2 days before she was allowed to go to the Broward Health Medical Center emergency department for treatment of her “head trauma.”

Watch local coverage of the scandal.