Former High School ‘role model’ Fatally Shot By Police In Mother’s Garage


In the early hours of Dec. 28, Isaiah Green, 21, was fatally shot by police after returning to his mother’s home in Dover Township after celebrating a friend’s 21st birthday in downtown York. He was staying at her home during the Christmas holiday.

The tragic killing occurred at the home in the 3800 block of Kings Lane in York County.

Green’s relatives have not provided any public statements and police have provided very limited information about the shooting that occurred as Green held his AR 15 rifle in his mother’s garage just before 2 a.m., reported Penn Live.

Neighbors and friends are still confused at how the young man they admired for his kindness and respect ended up being killed by police in his mother’s home.

Green was known by friends and family as an amazing former high school football player, responsible, friendly, and always having a positive attitude.

“He was larger than life and someone everyone looked to as a leader and role model,” said friend and classmate Alec Corbin. “I never caught a negative vibe from him ever. He was always someone that saw the positive in everything and that’s how he lived.”

Green loved his truck, but sold it to pay tuition at the Kentucky Welding Institute last year.


It is unclear how long Green was at his mother’s house before police arrived to kill him.

Police said a woman at the home called police for an unknown reason, a police spokeswoman said.

The officer reportedly was walking up the driveway when he encountered Green, who was holding his AR-15 rifle in the opened garage, which is completely legal.

The officer naturally feared for his life, even though there is no reason to believe he was being threatened, and fired at Green, hitting him in the torso and left shoulder. The next-door neighbor who shares a wall with Green’s mother said the two bullets penetrated her garage and knocked framed art off her dining room wall.

The neighbor, Pam McLaughlin, who was awake at the time, said she didn’t hear anything other than the two gunshots and the crash of her wall decorations crashing to the floor.

Neighbors heard Green’s friend outside the townhome talking to police, saying, “What did I do?” The officers apparently were preparing to take the friend away for questioning.



The police department does not use body cameras, so there is no video available to see the killing.

Once the investigation is complete, the case file will be handed to the district attorney’s office for review.


Friends said the gun Green had in the garage was his own rifle. He had trained his mother how to use it and left it at her home while he went to welding school last year, according to friends.