‘You foreign c**t, it’s my country, I can say what I like’: Racist Harasses Train Passengers

A passenger on the London tube caught a racist, foul-mouthed rant on video. The racist man became even more agitated when passengers asked him to stop cussing in front of the children and other passengers.

The video was captured by passenger Chris Zverblis who claimed the verbal assault occurred last Friday, reported The Sun.

The video below shows the man verbally abusing foreign passengers, telling them “It’s my f*cking country and I can say what I want,” before calling the man sitting next to him a “foreign c**t.”

The man also threatens another passenger, “I’ll get off after you and I’ll f*cking show you, you’ll see”.”

The man occasionally flips through his newspaper during the rant, but he is obviously not reading.

The man who is the target of most of the abuse is asked by another passenger to move to the other side of the train, presumably for his protection. Shortly after the move, the ranter gets up and follows him, hovering over his target, continuing to spew his racism and profanity.

He then returns to his seat, occasionally flipping through his newspaper while continuing to spew his hate and profanity.

Watch the video below: