Florida Police Shoot and Kill UNARMED Man For Carrying a STAPLER

Police shot a man was who had done nothing other than hold a stapler.

The police are claiming that he “wanted to die” and that he “aimed” the stapler at them.

The officers claim they “feared for their lives” during “standoff.”

In reality Dominic Fuller, 34, had just fled to his house even though he had not committed any crime except running from police when they approached to investigate what they thought was “drug activity.”

Once inside, he did not come out. There was no “standoff” because he was completely unarmed. Still, because of his tattooed appearance and criminal record, the police believed some Hollywood-style shootout was about to take place. When it never materialized, they decided to open fire, shooting Fully 5 times even though he remained completely unarmed.

Sheriff Grady Judd said that the deputies did the right thing.

The Orlando Sentinel said that he broke into a camper, woke a woman inside up and demanded that she drive. He never brandished a weapon because he didn’t have a weapon.

The police, however, have fabricated a story that he told people his stapler was a gun. The woman in the camper never said this, however, and it is obvious up close that a stapler could not resemble a gun in any way.

“He has pointed a stapler at deputies after running through the neighborhood telling people he had a gun,” Judd said to local reporters. “We can only surmise that he wanted us to kill him, that he wanted to die, by suicide by law enforcement officer.”

In fact, the police never even found Fuller with a stapler. What they did find was the stapler feet away from his body once they entered the house after shooting him nearly half a dozen times. It is entirely possible that he was holding a stapler in the house. There is, however, no evidence that he pretended it was a gun because he “wanted” police to kill him as they are now saying.

Doesn’t this sound a bit like what rapists say of their victims? That they “wanted it”? Maybe it’s time we stop allowing killer cops to get away with blaming the victims of their violence.

(Article by M. David and S. Wooten; image via #Op309 Media)