Florida Cop Was Arrested 3 Times, Fired 6 Times, And Is Now Back On Patrol

An arbitrator has decided a Florida officer must be rehired even though he has been arrested, and cleared, 3 times and fired 6 times.

Sgt. German Bosque has returned to work at the Opa-locka Police Department, reported The Miami Herald.

He was fired by the Miami suburb in 2013 after being charged with misdemeanor battery, tampering with evidence and false imprisonment of a youth counselor who went to the police station to file a complaint against him. The judge threw out the false imprisonment charge, and Bosque was acquitted of battery but convicted of evidence tampering, a charge that was later dropped during an appeal.

Miami-Dade Police Benevolent Association attorney Andrew Axelrad represented Bosque during the arbitration proceedings.

“He’s going to continue to serve the city,” said Axelrad. “It’s not that he’s a bad guy. It’s that he keeps getting fired.”

A 2011 Sarasota Herald-Tribune report found Bosque had 40 internal affairs complaints, 16 were for battery or excessive force.

Bosque has not worked for the city since he was arrested in 2013, but he will be receiving an undetermined amount of back pay for time not worked.

In the next few weeks, the amount Bosque will be paid by the financially struggling city is supposed to be determined.