Florida Woman Arrested and Sent to Jail for 5 Months for Having Vitamins

Another field drug test kit provided a false positive and led to an innocent mother of 4 being arrested and jailed for 5 months.

Rebecca Shaw was innocent, but the officer arrested her for having oxycodone, even though she simply had vitamins, reported Fox 13.

“It felt like my whole life was over. It was terrible,” Shaw said.  “My kids were devastated. I was away for five months. I cried constantly.”

Shaw ran out of gas and a Pasco County Sheriff’s Deputy pulled up behind her. Instead of helping the stranded woman, he needlessly asked to search her car.

He found some pills, but did not believe Shaw when she said they were vitamins.


“He said, ‘They don’t look like vitamins. They look like oxycodone,’” Shaw remembered.

The deputy decided to use a field drug test kit, which are known to be inaccurate.  The false positive test claimed the vitamins contained oxycodone, according to Fox 13.

Shaw again insisted the vitamins were vitamins an not prescription drugs, but it didn’t matter.

The innocent woman was arrested, booked, and charged with trafficking oxycodone. She then had to sit in jail because she could not afford the $5000 bond.

“It was scary being in there and having a public defender that didn’t believe me,” Shaw stated.

Her husband was eventually able to get the money to free his innocent wife.

After 7 months, the state crime lab confirmed the pills actually were vitamins and the case was dropped.

Her attorney, Patrick LeDuc, explained that the damage had already been done to the innocent woman and her family. “He does the field drug test and because it tests positive, nothing else mattered. It didn’t matter she had no prior record, it didn’t matter she was out of gas.”

Field drug test kits are regularly wrong, even showing things like chocolate and oregano are actually illegal drugs. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to matter to police who continue to use to faulty tests to imprison innocent people across the country.


Shaw has not yet filed a lawsuit for what they did to her, but she is considering legal options.