Father: Son Was Killed by Police After Breaking into Empty Apartment Seeking Shelter from Cold

The father of the man shot and killed by police in Albuquerque Sunday said his son, Daniel Arreola-Saavedra, 24, broke into an empty apartment complex to find a place to sleep.

“My son broke into that unit, that’s his girlfriend’s old unit, because it was cold,” Jesse Arreola said in a phone interview. “It was an empty unit.”

Officer Simon Drobik, an APD spokesman, gave a brief account of the shooting Sunday morning, saying officers had been called to the apartment complex on East Central after reports of a residential burglary just after midnight.

He said the officers were “confronted with an individual with a weapon” and at least one officer opened fire, killing the man. The police did not say what the weapons was, reported Albuquerque Journal.

Gilbert Gallegos, a police department spokesman, said to expect a full news conference and the release of video early next week. He did not respond to requests for comment later in the day when told about Arreola’s account.

“Chief Geier’s top priority is to protect the integrity of the investigation, while ensuring these briefings and the release of information are accurate, transparent, consistent and fair to the officers who are involved,” Gallegos said.

He would not give out much information, but said getting lawyers to represent the 4 officers involved in the killing and scheduling interviews was the reason there has been no update other than the short briefing an officer gave at the scene of the shooting Sunday morning.

Arreola last saw his son at Christmas.

“He was my son and I loved him dearly and we were trying to rebuild our relationship,” Arreola said. “I never got the chance.”

Days after taking office, Mayor Tim Keller apologized for previous police shootings, and Geier vowed to hold his officers accountable.

Keller said during the campaign that in his administration police would release videos of shootings “as soon as feasibly possible without interfering with an ongoing investigation.”

We will soon see if he holds to his promise.