He Exposed NYPD Corruption, So The Police Had Him Locked in a Mental Institution

The New York City Police Department settled a massive, $600,000 lawsuit. But the person suing the NYPD wasn’t a citizen who had been wronged by the notoriously corrupt department. Instead, it was one of their own: an NYPD cop.

The suit was settled, after it was determined that NYPD officer Adrian Schoolcraft’s case would almost certainly have won in a trial.

Schoolcraft had been forced into a psychiatric ward for several days by the NYPD after he was exposed as a whistleblower against police corruption and abuses on the NYPD force.

A spokesman for New York City, said that the city officials and the NYPD, “are pleased that we were able to reach a just and fair resolution of this dispute.”

They maintain, however, that “the settlement should not be construed as an admission that the city or any city employee engaged in wrongdoing. We believe this settlement is in the best interests of the city.”

The dollar figure Schoolcraft sued for was based on a number of factors, including the fact that he has been on unpaid suspension.

Schoolcraft had released recordings of NYPD sergeants which revealed direct orders to officers that they stop and frisk people on the streets even if there was no reason for the stop: even if they had committed no crime and there was no probable cause that they had committed a  crime.

In short, it was a direct order to carry out illegal, unconstitutional searches.

After he outed the corrupt sergeants, his commanding officer, Steven Mauriello, ordered the NYPD arrested him at his home, and then had him forcibly committed to the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center psychiatric ward.

There is an additional lawsuit against Jamaica Hospital Medical Center and “mental health care professionals” who illegally “treated” Schoolcraft against his will, and without a court order.

(Article by M. David and Reagan Ali)