Dancing FBI Agent Shoots Man In The Leg After Dropping Gun During Backflip At Nightclub

An FBI agent did a fairly impressive backflip at a Denver nightclub, except he dropped his gun while doing it and shot a bystander in the leg when he picked it up.

Video reveals the off-duty agent displayed some sweet dance moves before jumping into a back handspring at Mile High Spirits, a bar, distillery and live music venue.

But mid-flip, his weapon fell out of his concealed holster and he apparently decided to pick it up by the trigger because it fired as he picked it up.

Then, rather than help the shooting victim, the agent puts his hands in the air and walks off the dance floor.

Denver police said that 1 person was struck in the leg and he will survive.

Denver police community resource officer Marika Putnam said authorities did not reveal the agent’s identity because he was not arrested. Instead, he was interviewed and released to an FBI supervisor.

Denver police continue to investigate the incident, and the district attorney’s office will decide if charges will be filed against the agent, reported CNN.

FBI Denver spokeswoman Amy Sanders said police will lead the investigation.