Dallas Protesters Shut Down I-30 After Search Warrant Issued For Victim Botham Jean’s Home

Protesters in Dallas, TX blocked Interstate 30 downtown in response to a search warrant attempting to assassinate the character of Botham Jean, who was fatally shot in his own home by off-duty officer Amber Guyger.

The community was already outraged at the Sept. 6 killing, and because it took 3 days for police to arrest the killer. The issuance of the search warrant is what led to the highway being shut down for about 15 minutes, reported WFAA.

Even though there was no legitimate reason to search the apartment, police issued a report saying they found marijuana during the search.

Guyger claimed she walked into Jean’s apartment because she thought it was her’s. She allegedly thought he was a burglar, and when Jean didn’t follow her orders, she decided to kill him. Witnesses have disputed her claims.

Lee Merritt, an attorney representing Jean’s family, spoke out against the ridiculous search warrant and attempted character assassination of the victim in an attempt to justify the slaying.

Merritt told Fox 4, “I think it’s unfortunate that law enforcement begins to immediately criminalize the victim — in this case, someone who was clearly the victim, that has absolutely no bearing on the fact that he was shot in his home.”

Merritt added, “I would love to see more information coming out about the warrants executed on the home of the shooter who lived just below him. I haven’t seen any of those. And particularly for it to be on this day the day that we remember and celebrate him… to see the common assassination attempt on the victim that we often see in law enforcement involved shootings.”

Protesters started their demonstration outside the Dallas Police Department Headquarters before marching to the South Side Flats, where Jean was killed. Then the protest moved to Interstate 30 where the group organized by the Next Generation Action Network advocacy group briefly blocked westbound lanes.

Below is a video of part of the protest: