Cops Kill Family’s Dog in Front of Kids, Tell Dad to Cut Off Its Head Or Be Arrested

A horrifying video recently surfaced showing 2 Georgia cops telling a man he has to cut off his own dog’s head, or be arrested.

A quick overview of the events leading up to and including the video: police came onto Joe Nathan Goodwin‘s property, killed the family dog in front of the children, told Goodwin to cut off his dead dog’s head, then assaulted him when he refused and threatened to arrest him.

Removal of the head of an animal is part of testing an animal for rabies, but it should be done by professionals.

Goodwin did not have the dog’s shot records on him, and that is allegedly why the officers went bonkers over cutting off the animal’s head rather than give him time to look for the records or check with the vet.

When Goodwin refuses to mutilate his dog’s corpse, the officer says, “I tell you what, I will take you to jail and charge you.”

“Charge me with what?” asks Goodwin.

“When I get there, I’ll give you the charges,” says the cop who is unable to think of a legitimate reason for arresting the innocent man who refused an unlawful order.

“What law did I break?” Goodwin asks.

“We’re asking you to cut….remove the dog’s head,” the officer says.

Watch the video to see the ridiculous police behavior.