Cops Fine Zombie Nativity Scene $500 a Day As ‘War on Christmas’ Protesters Freak Out

Police have decided to fine an Ohio man $500 per day that he keeps his Zombie Baby Jesus nativity scene up.

Cincinnati area Fox 19 reports that Jasen Dixon, who manages the “13 Rooms of Doom” haunted house, has set up a manger that is centered around a zombie baby Jesus.

Dixon was ordered to take the controversial nativity scene down, but he put it right back up.

Sycamore Township officials say that Dixon needed a permit to display the scene, which would have ultimately come down to the discretion of the township leaders.

Dixon has already solicited donations for the display, knowing full well that he would defy the orders of the township and police.

Dixon posted to his Facebook page that: “We were going to take it down, decided to leave it up, all the lights are re-hooked and open for business just no roof. Let’s see what happens.”

Dixon claims that his request for a permit had already denied “because local authorities said his display violated the town’s zoning code by taking up more than 35 percent of his front yard,” according to the Raw Story.

“I got all the paperwork and how it was wrote out, and it says as long as it’s not over 200-square -foot that I can have it without a permit, and it’s about 65 square foot,” Dixon explained to local 19 WXIX. He said that he knows it is not an issue of him having a nativity display, but the fact that the council hates the nature of the theme.

“I think it’s the theme,” he continued. “It just rubs people the wrong way. That’s why they’re coming down so hard on me.”

Dixon says his neighbors are perfectly fine with the display, and this is all a matter of the police and township leaders trying to impose their personal views on the entire township.

“My father hates it. The other neighbors, they drive by and give me a thumbs-up,” he added.

He said that recently there have been Christian protesters who passed out pamphlets in front of his display.

Those pamphlets read “God frowns upon this manger display,” and listed Biblical verses that supposedly backed up this assertion.

Watch the local video report from Fox 19, below…
Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV


 (Article by M. David)