Cops Fail To Arrest Man With ‘Superhuman Strength’ Who Pinned Them Down By Their Necks

This might just be the strangest video you ever see of an attempted arrest. In the footage, a man with “superhuman strength” was filmed pinning two police officers to ground. Even more bizarre than his over powering two officers was the fact that he pinned them down by their necks before fleeing.

The officers were both male and female. The incident was caught on camera in North London where officers are typically unarmed on their persons.

This extraordinary video captures the moment a man fights off two police officers, pinning them both to the ground by their necks before fleeing.

The incident took place after the man was being detained by the officers.

That’s when he made a run for it, but the officers ran after him and began grappling with him. But it took virtually no effort for the man to overpower both of them, simultaneously, without apparently injuring either.

The man repeatedly shouted “get off me” then dropped both officers to the group and pinned them by their necks like he was out of an Incredible Hulk comic book.

Once they were down, the man quickly fled the scene, as he had been trying to do initially.

Robert Walakira filmed the incident, and said it was all “very scary”.

“The police officers were trying to force the man to the ground,” he recalled.

“But he was too strong for both of them. I was worried, especially for the female officer, but I was too scared to intervene.

“One of the officers managed to spray CS gas but it didn’t make any difference,” the eye-witness recalled.

“It was awful,” he added, “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Watch the video below…

(Article by Jackson Marciana)