Cops Caught On Video Punching Pregnant Woman Over and Over

A Texas Sheriff’s deputy was caught on a hidden video punching a pregnant woman over and over. Even more disturbing, photographs document that the repeated blows severely bruised her 38-week-pregnant stomach.

Right after the assault, the camera abruptly shuts off. The person who filmed the incident clearly was worried that the footage would be confiscated by these “law enforcement” officers who had no respect for the law, human rights or even basic decency of protecting the most vulnerable members of society.

It all started when Child Protective Services made a visit to interview a family in Quinlan, Texas. Two Hunt County Sheriff deputies accompanied them, along with a court order to enter the house and interview the family.

But the police barely flashed this document, and when the homeowner asked to see it again, the police freaked out and lashed out in violence.

“The police forced their way into the house,” the woman said. Then they pinned her in the corner of the kitchen while one cop began beating her over and over.

The 38-week-pregnant women screams for help and says “I am pregnant!”

Watch the video of the incident below…

Our friends at BrettSanders.mehave obtained photos from the woman of the aftermath which shows bruising on the woman’s stomach as well as her legs, as she was pressed against the counter as the officer repeatedly punched her in the back.




(Article by M. David with reporting by Brett Sanders)