Cops Beat Man When His Quadriplegic Wife Was Unable Follow Orders To ‘Stand Up’

Police barged into a physically and mentally disabled couple’s home in Delaware police, claiming that they were “looking for drugs.” In the process of this early morning drug raid at a relatives house, the Rehoboth Beach couple were told by police to “stand up.”

When Ruther Hayes, a disabled veteran who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, explained that he was in the process of giving his quadriplegic wife sponge bath, The News Journal, reports that police beat him and his clearly disabled wife.

Two of the couple’s nephews were arrested, with only one of them being charged with a minor possession of drug paraphernalia charge. That’s what they conducted a “drug raid” for?

Police with the Special Operations Response Team admit that the disabled couple was staying with Lisa Hayes’ mother for two weeks, and that they had nothing to do with the raid.

The Hayes’ explain, in a lawsuit just filed, that they were staying there while their daughter attended an ice skating camp.

Lisa Hayes, is a quadriplegic with cerebral palsy. She explains that she was unable to use her legs, and could not comply with police orders to “stand up”.

The lawsuit asserts that the police should have seen her wheelchair in the very bedroom where her husband was bathing her.

In spite of this inability to stand up, the lawsuit contends that police “shouted at her to do that which she could not: stand up.”

Ruther Hayes says that he tried his best to cover his partially unclothed wife, with s a sheet. But for his troubles, police shoved him to the ground and beat him over and over, before subjecting him to intense electric shock from their tasers.

Ruther Hayes was charged with resisting arrest, but the police eventually dropped this.

“I feel not only degraded, humiliated — I feel like they didn’t treat me as a human being,” Lisa Hayes explained. “I relive that day when they came in on me and them yelling at me to get up when they knew that I couldn’t get up.”

Both nephews were screaming to police that she was disabled. The only response they received from police was: “That’s enough out of you,” according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit identifies the officers as Christopher Popp, a Cpl. Doughty and a Cpl. Torres. It also says that the precise command given to Lisa was: “get the f*ck up.

Police justify beating Hayes, because he did not fall to the ground after being punched one time.

“Because Mr. Hayes (a disabled veteran) did not immediately fall, an (officer) said, ‘He must have been well trained,’” Cpl. Doughty said.

Lisa Hayes says that her husband’s schizophrenia has gotten worse since the beating and arrest.

“When I do go there now, I don’t go in the house,” Lisa Hayes explained. “My mom goes to the car to see me.”

(Article by M. David and S. Wooten)