Cop Tried To Shoot This Dog For Barking But He Accidentally Shot Himself Instead

When we heard about a California deputy accidentally shoot himself while trying to kill a “vicious” dog, we weren’t sure where to go with the story. Should we comment on the irony that the police are thought to be “responsible” gun owners (and all the related issues surrounding that assumption)? Or should we focus on the police abuse of power and flagrant disregard for the lives, and even safety of humans and non-humans alike?

No sooner than we finished drafting an article encompassing several of these issues, a video ran on local KNBC and KCAL television, showing that very dog which the deputy said was threatening his life.

Instead of showing a vicious, rabid monster that needed to be “put down,” the video captured showed an animal that was significantly smaller than the trigger-happy officer reported. That dog, which the deputy thought needed to be shot, was filmed playing peacefully with neighborhood children.

A Riverside County sheriff’s spokesperson said that the deputy was serving an eviction notice when a “large” dog “attacked” him… or at least “tried” to.

“A dog came at the deputy in an aggressive manner,” Deputy Armando Munoz explained to the local news source The Press-Enterprise. “The deputy,” Munoz continued “attempting to defend himself… pulled his service weapon, shot one round, and injured himself in the leg.”

When the officer shot himself, however, the dog ran away, terrified of the noise. Strange for such a blood-thirsty killer, right?

As for the deputy? Munoz said “He’s OK. He has non life-threatening injuries.”

The dog, named “Precious” was not taken by Animal Services which said that there was absolutely no evidence that the dog had done anything wrong, nor tried to attack the officer. Why then was this officer trying to shoot and kill her?

 (Article by M.B. David)