Cop Shoots Litter of Kittens In Front of Kids and Mom

When they called Officer Barry Accorti to take a litter of kittens to the local animal shelter, they never expected him to show up and unload his service pistol on the tiny animals.

Accorti responded to a call about a litter of wild kittens, along with their mother. The homeowner and her children had asked the officer to take them to the shelter, but he replied that the “shelters are too full.”

The officer told the family that he would “be right back.”

He moved quickly to his vehicle, concealing what he was doing from the family. The family began discussing whether they could take some of the kittens in and send other ones to friends and family, since the shelter was not an option.

What happened next horrified them.

They thought they were doing the right thing by calling the police. They assumed that the officer would know best where to take the animals for them to be safe and placed with a family that would care for them.

When the family had come up with a few good options, including taking the cats in for a while and putting up ads on CraigsList, the officer barged over and said he had the solution: he was going to “send them to ‘Kitty Heaven’.”

Ony 15 feet away from the children, he drew his pistol, opened fire, and decimated the litter of tiny kittens.

The children, who were between 5 months old and 7 years, were standing at the window watching in horror and screaming, “Mommie, he’s killing the kittens!”

The North Ridgeville Police Department says the Ohio humane officer “did nothing wrong.”

Police Chief Mike Freeman said the bizarre response was “a method of euthanasia.” He noted that “the officers will not face any disciplinary actions.”

Watch the local report in the video below, and pass it on…


(Article by M. David and Jackson Marciana)