Cop Shoots and Kills Unarmed Mother, Then Remains On The Job

It was a high-speed chase that spanned Texas and New Mexico state lines, and went on for more than 20 miles. The pursuit of Amy Reyna, 35, finally ended when police shot the woman just across the dusty New Mexico border.

Now, Reyna’s family is suing a local police department after the events of that day.

The lawsuit was filed by an attorney, on behalf of Reyna’s family.

Reyna, had a number of warrants for non-violent offenses in Denver City, west Texas. The autopsy performed showed that she did have drugs in her system. This was apparently enough for the vast majority of Americans to tune out and sign off on extrajudicial police executions. Reyna, we must remember, was unarmed, and had not done anything that the officers involved could have interpreted as threatening them.

The family lawyer, Joe Zebas, said that the dash cam videos from the police cruisers, show that officer Taylor had no legal justification to shoot the troubled mother.

“I think the video speaks for itself,” Zebas said.

“There was no indication she had a weapon. And in fact, there was no weapon,” he continued.

But officer Taylor told investigators that he believed Reyna was armed about to shoot him when he fired seven shots into her car and windshield, striking and killing her.

Reyna continued until her tires were blown out. She then stopped, officer Taylor drew, aimed and fired into her vehicle seven times, without legal justification.

“I fired, and it’s like she’s still reaching for something, she’s grabbing for something, and that’s when I fired that last round,” officer Taylor later told investigators, after coming up with his story, according to a local ABC News report.

Reyna was pronounced dead at the scene. She was unarmed.

Officer Taylor remains on the job and has not been charged with any crime, in spite of the fact that he had no legal, nor procedural justification for firing those seven shots.

If you think that life matters, and that police should not be given carte blanche to execute someone just because they do not stop when they are told to stop, then SPREAD THE WORD. You don’t have to agree with the life choices Reyna made, you just have to agree that justice has not been served.

(Article by James Achisa)