Cop Pepper Sprays His Estranged Wife and Her Baby Because He Didn’t Like How She Dressed

Officer Charles Edelen has been suspended after he attacked his estranged wife and her baby, along with her new boyfriend.

The woman, boyfriend and baby were pepper sprayed after the new boyfriend showed up at her new home.

When her new boyfriend showed up, the officer commanded her to get dressed more conservatively, covering up her tank top and underwear, even though she had left the officer and was in her own house.

When she refused to obey his commands, the officer pepper sprayed the woman, her husband and baby.

Edelen’s lawyer, Larry Wilder, told localWDRB news, that “it wasn’t his intent to hurt the child.”

He explains “What you got to understand is this: when you use pepper spray, it fills a room…and the effects are going to be felt upon by lots of people who are there. The boyfriend showed up and there was dispute that Mr. Edelen had with his wife over the fact that she wouldn’t’ put pants on. She was in a tank top — no bra and panties — and he took offense.”

The lawyer apparently thinks police officers are allowed to pepper spray their estranged spouses if they do not dress how they want.

“Pepper spray… is the least physically and intrusive way to deal with someone who you can’t get to do something. It is preferred by police. It is preferred over guns, obviously.”

Edelen has been charged with three counts of battery, but in spite of his own admissions, he has pleaded not guilty.

(Article by Jackson Marciana and M. David)